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Sci-Pro International, Inc.

House of Chelates and Organic Minerals

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SCI-PRO INTERNATIONAL, INCORPORATED is a privately owned Agri-Business Corporation engaged in the importation and distribution of quality “Veterinary Scientific Products” in the field of animal health care, animal welfare and nutrition. Sci-Pro is well known for its Mineral Amino Acid Chelates or Organic Minerals. Sci-Pro International, Inc. as House of Chelates is the only company that recommends the sole use of chelated or organic minerals in animal feeds. The use of inorganic minerals caused the binding and destruction of vitamins and other components of the feeds because of its ionic charge. Other products the company markets are biological for respiratory diseases in swine, vitamin premixes, growth pormotants, various disinfectants, anti-biotics, anti-yeast and molds, and other anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning solutions.

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