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To Ensure the availability of cheap, scientific, effective and safe products that prevent diseases, improve efficient production, reproduction and growth of healthy, safe, nutritious and quality livestock’s for human consumption, thereby augmenting the (R.O.I) Return of Investment of farm owners and all that are involve in the Livestock industry in the Country.

For Sci-Pro International, Inc. to be the prime mover in promoting quality health and nutrition remedies in the field of livestock production in the Philippines, particularly in Swine and Poultry Industry.

SCI-PRO INTERNATIONAL, INCORPORATED is a privately owned Agri-Business Corporation engaged in the importation and distribution of quality “Veterinary Scientific Products” in the field of animal health care, animal welfare and nutrition. Sci-Pro is well known for its Mineral Amino Acid Chelates or Organic Minerals. Sci-Pro International, Inc. as House of Chelates is the only company that recommends the sole use of chelated or organic minerals in animal feeds. The use of inorganic minerals caused the binding and destruction of vitamins and other components of the feeds because of its ionic charge. Other products the company markets are biological for respiratory diseases in swine, vitamin premixes, growth pormotants, various disinfectants, anti-biotics, anti-yeast and molds, and other anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning solutions.

SCI-PRO International Incorporated, a Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) registered company, was established on July of 2000, by a group of young and dynamic multi-disciplined team of highly qualified chemist, nutritionist, veterinarians and sale professionals dedicated to customers service, success and satisfaction. Fresh from their successful endeavors from prestigious multi national companies, of whom they served with utmost loyalty and driven by dreams to expand their horizons to serve the growing needs of the animal industry, they merged their resources, knowledge and experiences in establishing up a new company thus, SPII came forth

In a span of time, SCI-PRO attained its great stride and now starts to achieve it goals. As one of the pillars in organic faming it has organized into a potent marketing force, ready to serve the increasing requirements of the animals industry not only in LUZON but also some areas of VISAYAS and MINDANAO.Aim to serve with utmost professionalism and the desire to enchance the efficiency and productivity of prospective clients with the aid of our quality and dependable producsts described by the company`s leading industry, consultants and partners.