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Copper 20%


Deficiency Symptoms:

      •  A deficiency of copper leads to poor iron mobilization, abnormal hematopoiesis, keratinization and decreased synthesis of elastin, myelin and collagen. 
      •  Leg weakness, various types and degrees of leg crookedness, and the in coordination of muscular action also result. 
      •  A subclinical deficiency causes reduced blood serum copper and ceroplasmin, a microcytic, hypochromic anemia, aortic rupture and cardiac hypertrophy. 
      •  Recent research suggests that copper and other trace mineral may be critical during early embryonic development. 
      •  Copper concentrations in the developing pig embryo are much higher than in the uterine edometrium or ovary from day 12 to 30 of gestation.


    •  To improved physiological functions, efficient feed utilization for faster growth, good health and maximum, reproductive performance, improve disease resistance and egg/meat quality in Copper deficient animals. 
    •  Inclusion: 50 – 150 grams per Ton of complete feeds.
  • Storage: Should be kept in dry cool place with temperature not higher than 30°. Keep the bag tightly closed during the storage.
  •  Net Weight: 25 kgs.