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Manganese 20%


Deficiency Symptoms: 

  • Disorder in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Impaired growth.
  • Impaired skeletal development (neonates).
  • Impaired reproductive function (disturbance in estrous cycle, testicular denegration).
  • Low viability of young at birth, ataxia in viable young.
  • Decrease in egg production, shell quality, hatchability in poultry.
  • Impaired embryonic development:

A. Shortening of the limbs.
B. Enlargement of joints.
C. Twisting of limbs.


To improved physiological functions, efficient feed utilization for faster growth, good health and efficient reproductive performance, improve disease resistance and egg/meat quality in Manganese deficient animals.

Inclusion: 50-150 grams per Ton of complete feeds.

Storage: Should be kept in dry cool place with temperature not higher than 30ºC. Keep the bag tightly closed during storage.

 Net weight: 25 kgs.