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Amino Acid Based Biostimulant


Chemical fertilizers & scientific management of Agriculture has resulted into various high yielding varieties. However we are not able to boost up immunity of crops. This silent strength existing in every crop is stimulated by Perfectose. Present agricultural practice and technology alone cannot achieve this. Perfectose helps to give boost to synthesis of enzymes and process of photosynthesis leading to better yield.

Perfectose helps in better absorption of water and other nutrients from soil. Perfectose helps farmers with extra yield of 15 to 30%.


  • Chlorophyll content increases.
  • Photosynthesis process is enhanced and it leads to better growth of crops.
  • Increase in the number and weight of fruits.
  • Reduces flower and fruit drop.
  • Increase rate of absorption.
  • Helps to withstand stress condition like drought etc.
  • Provides immunity against pests and diseases.
  • Shelf and storage life is better and product does not get damaged during handling.
  • Keeping quality of vegetables increases.
  • Extra yield means extra Profits.

Use of Perfectose:

  • For hand sprayer use 250 ml. of PERFECTOSE in 250 lts. of water. For electric sprayer water requirements is about 200 lts.

Perfectose is available in bottles of 250 ml and 1000 ml.

Perfectose means Extra Protection, Higher Yields, Best Quality Additional Profit.