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Amino Acid & Seaweed Extract Based Biostimulant


PRONTO, a biochemical product based on Sea Weed Extract and Amino Acids is being offered first time in india. To maintain balance of environment, use of products based on natural resources are effective.

PRONTO meets this need.

PRONTO, when sprayed on plants helps in larger rootlet system which helps in better absorption of nutrients from soil. It helps in boosting process of photosynthesis and leaves get enriched with Chlorophyll. Plants become healthier and are able to withstand stress conditions like disease, drought and frost. Plant develop better immune system to fight attack of pests and infection. In fruit crops and vegetables PRONTO helps in increasing yield by 25% to 40%. Pronto is non toxic to plants and does not leave any residues. Pronto is stable between 5 to 40°c and can be restored at this temperature in home without loss of any biochemical activity for two years.

PRONTO is an environmentally safe product and is safe to plants, animals and human.


  • Improve and uptake of nutrients.
  • Improve root structure and development.
  • Boost seed germination.
  • Promote healthier crops.
  • Produce high-quality fruits.
  • Enhance growth of plants and impart resistance to environmental stress condition.
  • Increased economic benefit.