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Rhinanvac Pigs

A vaccine that controls efficiently the Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex


Target Species: Swine

Indications: Active immunization of swine against Atrophic Rhinitis,pneumoniae and septicaemia caused by Pasteurella spp., infections caused by Haemophlius parasuis(Glasser disease) and Enzootic Pneumoniae.

Administration Route: Intramuscular injection.

Dosage and administration: Dose 2 ml per pig

Piglets born to none vaccinated sow:
administer two doses:
– First vaccination at age between 7 to 14 days.
– Second vaccination two to three weeks later.

Piglets born to vaccinated sow:
administer two doses :
– First vaccination at weaning (3 to 4 weeks of age)
– Second vaccination two to three weeks later.

Sows: administer just one booster-dose 6 to 2 weeks prior to each farrowing

Boars: administer just one booster-dose every 6 months