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Sciprochemin Breeder Mix

Organic (Chelated) Mineral Premix for Breeders



  • For improved physiological functions.
  • Efficient feed utilization.
  • Good Health.
  • Rapid Growth Performance.

Composition: per kilo

Copper Amino Acid Chelate 20%                                      50,000 mg

Iron Amino Acid Chelate 20%                                          125,000 mg

Manganese Amino Acid Chelate 20%                               50,000 mg

Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20%                                          187,500 mg

Selenium Amino Acid Chelate 2%                                       7,000 mg

Iodine                                                                                            400 mg

Carrier qs.ad*                                                                                    1 kg


Inclusion Rates: 1-2 kilos per ton of complete feeds.

Storage: Should be kept in dry cool place with temperature not higher than 30°C.

Keep the bag tightly closed during storage.